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The 8 stage web project process
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Stage 8
Maintenance & Dedication
(time frame NA - optional after services) 
The Media Planet thrives upon the energy and life that each project brings. We foster long term relationships with our clients. An active, well maintained web site that effectively fulfills our clients needs is our primary goal. Lasting professional relationships with satisfied customers is our reality. Our cost effective maintenance program will help you keep your content fresh and your project energized.

Make it happen at The Media Planet…your complete web resource team.

Some other thoughts:

The Media Planet designs and develops custom logos to represent your company or dot com idea. Additionally, we create professional content for your web site if you are experiencing difficulty in this area. If you lack graphics we can furnish that too! 

It's that easy to get your project done when you have a team that you can depend upon.  Let us dispel your web and internet trepidations on all levels. When you choose The Media Planet as your destination, you gain a world of internet and PC support.

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