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The 8 stage web project process
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Stage 4
Detailed Mock Up Review
1st Payment Required
(time frame- 7 - 14 business days depending on the timeliness of clients feedback and the nature of their content) 
A deposit on the project balance will be required in order to move forward into this stage. We request 50% payment at this stage and the final 50% at  Stage 6, the launching stage.
After a deposit payment is received
We then discuss the sample mock designs and progress accordingly until a desired overall design structure is set and agreed upon by all parties. 

This phase is quite enjoyable as our clients see their ideas come to life on the internet.

Areas that will be included for review are:
  • Logos
  • Color Scheme
  • Style
  • Graphics
  • Text Content
  • Products
  • Services
  • Site navigation
  • Inventory
  • Database 
  • Audio
  • Video
  • Contact Forms
  • Order Forms
  • Email Forms

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