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We urge our clients as well as anyone who has an active web site to take advantage of our cost effective updating and maintenance package.  It’s the easy way to keep your web site information timely and active…

Here’s how it works.
Our maintenance program is geared toward specific areas of your web site.  The work performed under our program is to be generated within the current web site pages and structure. 

This includes:

  • Content - changes in the text
  • Graphics - placement of new, or removal of old; thumbnail galleries, pictures, catalogue entries
  • Web Links - additions or deletions of links

Note:  this program encompasses changes to your web site that do not alter the structure or require the design and creation of new pages.

The Package:
3 Hour (Pre-paid) Maintenance Package…$150.00

Depending on how extensive your changes are, the average package can be viewed as 12 fifteen-minute sessions. Utilizing this prepaid time block is easy.  No extra paperwork or time consuming negotiations for your small to moderate web site updates and changes.   Everything is as easy as a phone call or an email away. Prior to each update you will be given an estimate of approximately how much time will be required to perform your updates and changes.  We keep a schedule of work performed and time used against your maintenance agreement.  You will be contacted following your updates with the latest and most accurate account information.   This unique program was designed to be an effective tool, both financially, and technically, for our clients, or anyone with an existing web site.

Maximum Benefits:
The clock starts ticking when your changes are in the designer’s hands, only after the administrative details are in place!  That means:

  • You have either called us to consult or outline the desired changes.
  • E-mailed your updates to us.
  • Forwarded (mailed) materials are received and verified.

All work to be performed will be carefully discussed with you prior to shop time implementation.  This gives you the maximum benefits while you embark further on growing and enhancing your web presence. In essence you are making the most of your initial investment. By keeping your information fresh, changing and new, the best way to attract and keep traffic to your web site. It fosters future success for your web presence…our reputation depends upon it.

Feel free to contact me to discuss any aspects of our maintenance program.

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TEL: 973.546.1854